When we started this blog just over a year ago, one of our very first posts was was on what we were thankful for.  This year, we asked each of the Director’s and Memory Care Coordinator’s what they were thankful for.  We have an awesome team here at Welcome Home and are very proud of each of them and what they do for their communities.  To make a great team work, you have to have solid individuals in each role.  At Welcome Home, there are a lot of people to be thankful for; from care providers, dining services, administrative staff, maintenance, community life coordinators and their volunteers, all of the health care staff and nurses, to the Director’s and Memory Care Coordinator, the regional directors, and the corporate office team.  Each one of the people in these roles affect the lives of our residents in very positive ways, each day.  Before we get to what everyone had to say below, let me just say Thank You, to each and every one of you. 

You are appreciated, more than you know. 

Roman Bloemke, Director of Operations, WHMC.


Mindy Schmidtgal – Goldfinch Estates Memory Care

Wow there is so much to be thankful for, not just this time of the year because it’s Thanksgiving but in life in general! I am so thankful for my loving husband and family, they are my rocks to lean on! My job and my fearless leader Mary Larson! She is such a hard worker and teaches me great things every day! She has put confidence in me and pushes me every day to do my best. I am also grateful for my Nurse Tari. She always puts the residents first, and takes such great care of our staff as well! We have a great working relationship here at Goldfinch Estates MC. I couldn’t ask for a better RN. She is organized and works in a timely fashion. My staff….what amazing staff I have… they are the hardest working people here. They are what keep this place running and give Goldfinch Estates the family-like atmosphere everyone hears or talks about.

Sue Jutz – Windmill Ponds Assisted Living

It wasn’t hard to think about what I am thankful for.

What am I thankful for…..?

I am thankful that God has given me the ability to do the things I need to do to do my job.

 By taking time to listen to the residents and their families and help them make the choices that are best for them.

The ability to teach, listen and laugh with the staff here at Windmill Ponds. Having them feel they are an important part of what we do here.

I am also thankful for the staff that is a part of the Windmill Ponds family. For all the hard work, dedication and compassion they have for our residents. Without them Windmill Ponds would not be what it is today.

I am also thankful to be a part of the Welcome Home family also. It is wonderful to work for a company that cares they way they do about who works for them and their families.

Last but not least, I am thankful for my family and the support and love we share.

Loree Besser – Excelsior Place Assisted Living

I am thankful everyday for the confidence, history lessons and the unconditional love I receive from my seniors and their families.  This is the best part about working in senior health care and even after 20 years each day is a new day.  To know, that not only do I make a difference in the lives of my seniors but they too, make a difference in mine.  There is no greater satisfaction than to earn the trust of our seniors and their families.  This is truly an awesome task, but well worth the effort because it is a win-win outcome for all involved.

In order to accomplish unbelievable outcomes, I too, look to the staff we have been blessed with at Excelsior Place, for if it were not for them many things would not be possible.  It is truly a team effort and expressed by many of our seniors and families.  You can not fake this kind of dedication—the members of our staff are here because they genuinely enjoy the life experience with our seniors and believe me it does not go unnoticed.

Volunteers are a wonderful part of our community as well.  Many are here every day, some help with special functions and several have their special talents which they share with our seniors.  We are very thankful for the time they donate to make days brighter for many of the seniors.  We have children’s dance groups, spiritual support from local churches, lifetime musicians, high school choral performances, Sertoma, Let’s Go Fishing and the list goes on and on.   

So, I would like to take this time to say “THANK YOU” for enhancing the lives of our seniors!!  I am truly THANKFUL for everyone’s generosity and help in making Excelsior Place a great community for our seniors.

Steve Rich – Manor House Senior Living

I am thankful to be in a position to be a resource to families that entrust their most prized possessions to the care of the most amazing group of care providers anywhere!  The compassion, dedication and professionalism exhibited every day by our staff makes me proud to be associated with each and every one of them.

The privilege of being able to help people through one of the most difficult transitions in their lives and to watch them grow to enjoy their new life and all the possibilities that brings them is indescribable.

Thank you to everyone involved in making a dream job come true for me.

I wish everyone would have the opportunity to work with such a family of caring individuals and the amazing feeling of being adopted by dozens and dozens of grandparents!

Ann Broussard – Manor House Memory Care

I am thankful for so many people; it was hard to fit it in just one paragraph. First of all, I am thankful for my wonderful loving children they are what I live for. I am also thankful for my loved ones in my life I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of such an amazing team at Manor House Memory Care.  The staff here is great and takes such great care of our wonderful residents.  All in all, I truly am blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people in my personal life and at work.

Mary Larson – Goldfinch Estates Senior Living

This Thanksgiving season I am so thankful for the dedication and loving care that all the employees at Goldfinch provide all of our wonderful residents.  I am also thankful for the residents of Goldfinch for bringing such happiness and wisdom to us every day.  Our lives here are the best we are so fortunate for so many things and we thank all the volunteers and family members that make Goldfinch the “ONLY” place we want to be.

Linda Strubbe – Fieldcrest Assisted Living

I am thankful for the great bunch of residents we have, and the opportunity to get to know them better and to learn from them.

I am thankful for the awesome bunch of staff that we have here at Fieldcrest.  I am proud to work with each and every one of them.

I am thankful for the brave service men and women that are doing their patriotic duty and protecting us and out great nation.

I am also thankful for my family and all the things they do.

Yvonne Schell – Orchard Hill Assisted Living

What am I thankful for?

I’m thankful for all the residents here at Orchard Hill and them becoming my second family. Knowing I totally enjoy my job and can’t wait to get to work every day.

I received a phone call last week from a family member that lives out of state. Her dad moved in about 2 months ago and she said “I’ve never pictured dad this happy. I hear it in his voice every time we talk on the phone. He continues to tell me about all the new friends he has made and he just loves his new home. Knowing that he’s now ok and being taken care of gives us (family) less worry and peace of mind.” She went on about how wonderful and helpful the staff is and how dad refers them all as “his kids”.

As myself and the staff we are thankful for all the joy and comfort we can pass on to the residents daily and making a difference for them and in ourselves.

Sue Kanzenbach – Thomas Landing Senior Living

What am I thankful for?   I could say all the usual things, my family, my residents, my friends ect. but… I think that this year what I am most thankful for is the concept of opportunity.  Each one of us is given opportunities in our lives.  Opportunities to do, to be, to act, to live.  How we accept those opportunities relates to our desires and goals for ourselves and the people we live and work with.  I have been give many opportunities this past year  – opportunities  to stay at home with my young children, the opportunity to accept a new job that brings daily joys, challenges, and contentment, the opportunity to move closer to my family and provide my children with the opportunity to spend more time with their grandparents and great grandparents, as well as giving them a whole new set of grandparents.   These opportunities have brought additional joy as well as challenges for my family but I am thankful for them because they are what makes us appreciate the people in our lives and makes us strong enough to accept the new opportunities that come knocking.

Trincy Faas – Potter Ridge Assisted Living

Thanksgiving is always a great time to reflect on the many blessings we have in our life.  I am thankful for the residents here at Potter Ridge who always bring a ray of sunshine in all of our lives, daily.  There is so much wisdom to gleam from that should not be missed or ignored. It is also a privilege to get to know so many family members and build such special relationships.  I am thankful for an incredible team of staff who give above and beyond as they care for each resident and give of themselves.  I couldn’t ask for a better team and appreciate what each person attributes individually from the kitchen and maintenance, to the care providers, and our Community Life Coordinator and our nurse who models what it means to put the residents first.  I am also thankful to live in a community who places value on our seniors which is evident through our volunteer programs, such as Faith In Action.  Thank you for caring for our residents in all you do.  Most of all, I am thankful for the Pilgrims who made the journey to a country where they can worship freely and since we just celebrated Veteran’s Day, thank you to all who sacrificed for our freedom.  May we not take it for granted.  And last, but not least, as one of our residents put it, “Thank you for making a place like this,” which goes out to the owner and Welcome Home.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Shawn Soucek  – North Point Assisted Living

We are very thankful for all the residents, their families, friends, and the support of our community.

Lisa Lehmann – Twin Town Villa Assisted Living

I am thankful for spiritual faith, my health, my wonderful husband, four awesome sons (and their significant others).  I am thankful for my rock star co-workers at Twin Town Villa, everyday they make my life 10 times easier!  I am thankful for my residents (and their families) they have become my extended family, always watching out for me.

Chrissy Elton – Copperleaf Memory Care

I am thankful this Thanksgiving for my residents and their families. 

Dana Asche – Copperleaf Senior Living

I am thankful for the wonderful staff that work at Copperleaf and take care of our residents each day, treating them like they are family!   We have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Lacey Bruns – Garnette Gardens Memory Care

I am thankful for the positive family and staff involvement in bringing memory care services to our area.  It is a precious care giving service to provide, and we are glad to have the right resources to care for individuals who need our support.  We have been acknowledged by community members, families, and residents time and again how our communities has been a blessing with the care avenues we offer and how personal and individualized the care giving is that takes place here at Garnette Gardens.  We have had the honor to welcome well over twenty new employees to our Garnette family over the last few months and it is inspiring to hear from them the joys they received from their new role.  We are grateful we are able to open our home, our hearts, and care giving services to our rural community. 

Sue Hyde and Jessie Paskert – Keelson Harbour Senior Living

Jessie, Kristi, and I are thankful for our friends and families, and this year we are especially thankful for our wonderful care providers here at Keelson Harbour.  They see how hard they work every day taking care of the residents here at Keelson Harbour.  Thank you girls, we love you!

I decided to ask the team what they are thankful for this year:

  • Jenny T. is thankful for being reunited with her 16 yr old daughter Kylie.
  • Nickie L.  is thankful for friends and family, her son and her wonder techno husband. (He helps us here at Keelson Harbour, we are thankful for him also)
  • Tammy M. is thankful for her children, husband, and her 2 grandchildren (hello Elliot and Jared)
  • Estelle B. is thankful for her family and thankful to have her health
  • Brittany H. is thankful for her husband and her new bundle of joy
  • Melissa C. is thankful for her family
  • Andrea V. is thankful for her baby and family
  • Vickie H. is thankful for friends and family and her new grandson
  • Sandra R. is thankful for her family
  • Sue C. is thankful for her girls that are coming home for the holiday, and friends and family
  • Mike N. is thankful for all his girls at Keelson Harbour

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from Keelson Harbour!

Natalie Seehausen – Garnette Gardens Senior Living

I am thankful for the opportunity to work in such a beautiful homelike setting.   I am especially thankful for our dedicated and caring staff in all the communities that have become like a second family to each other and to the residents.   I am also thankful for the wonderful families that we get to interact with every day.  It is especially wonderful to be a part of a great team at Garnette Gardens that truly cares about the day to day lives of the residents.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us!