Applications are being accepted for the NorthStar Leadership Award at WHHC

North Star Leadership Award logoIt’s that time of year again!  AWARDS SEASON and we are not talking about seeing Justin Timberlake at the CMAs either!

We have opened up the time period to begin the nomination process for the North Star Leadership Award for 2015.

This award honors those individuals who exemplify what it means to be a leader in our senior living communities.  This award will go to someone whose actions and leadership greatly enhance the work environment in the community and the quality of life for the residents.  This award is open to anyone  in the company who meets the criteria.  The award will be presented at Welcome Home Management’s Winter Conference in February 2015.

Anyone can nominate a team member.  In the past we’ve had vendors, associations, resident families, residents, other team members, and team member’s families nominate someone for the award.

Nominations for this year’s award are due on December 15th, 2015.  Be sure to include all letters of recommendation, Individual Award Nomination form; and any other supporting documentation that are relevant.

You can download the application by clicking on this link.

DSC_4277Last year’s winner was Julie Mapson, Community Life Coordinator at Excelsior Place Assisted Living of Baxter.

If you have any questions as you begin to review this, or at any time along the nomination process, just give me a call.

Each year, we have an amazing turn out of nominations.  I can’t wait to read all the nominations again this year.

Welcome Home announces two promotions at the Hutchinson office.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Hutchinson, Minnesota



Welcome Home Management is pleased to announce the promotion of Roman Bloemke to the position of Chief Operating Officer and Sarah Work to Chief Financial Officer.

Both Roman and Sarah have been carrying out the responsibilities of running the day-to-day operations of the company for five years. Their promotion formalizes their roles and is in recognition of the excellent work they’ve done serving owners, employees and residents of the eleven facilities Welcome Home operates.

COO-250Roman has served clients of Welcome Home since the company first started in 1994 beginning as an overnight care provider.  Returning to the company in 2001,  previously Roman was an Community Executive Director and later as Regional Director, before assuming the role of Director of Operations in 2006.

Sarah rejoined the company in 2002 initially as a Community Executive Director.  She subsequently served in a variety of roles at the management company before being named Director of Administration in 2006. In that role, Sarah has worked with Community Executive Directors and employees in each community to provide a CFO-250healthy working environment and to provide oversight of financial and accounting functions for each community.

As Roman and Sarah manage the day-to-day operations of Welcome Home, Dean Bloemke has moved to the position of Chair of the Board. Dean plans to continue to manage special projects and maintain a non-day-to-day role with the company.

Established in 1994, Welcome Home Management Company today manages eleven senior communities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Welcome Home Management Company offers a full spectrum of services, including human resources, accounting and marketing to senior living properties.  Today, Welcome Home employs just over 400 employees company-wide.

For more information about Welcome Home Management Company, visit their website at

Welcome Home announces new management agreement with Nisswa, MN community

nisswa-3158Welcome Home Management is proud to announce the addition of Hills Crossing Senior Living Community to our managed communities.

Formerly known as Senior Class Care of Nisswa, Hills Crossing was recently purchased by RAR Development and subsequently hired Welcome Home Management Company to handle day to day operations.  This also included hiring all of the staff at Hills Crossing.

HC_Logo-FullColor_Web“We are really excited about this opportunity.  Hills Crossing is a great asset to the community of Nisswa, and we look forward to building on their already wonderful reputation in the community.” states Roman Bloemke, Director of Operations.

Hills Crossing is a 30 unit senior living community made up of assisted living care suites, and memory care programs.

The goal at Hills Crossing is to be successful at three main things.  Number one, provide a great community life program.  From day to day activities, to outings, to resident programs and wellness, our goal is to keep our residents active.  Number two puts a strong focus on the dining experience.  Meal time brings back many memories for each of us.  It is also one of the biggest social times of the day.  Residents should also get a choice when it comes to mealtime.  Our final goal is to provide a solid health care and wellness program that is tailored to each individual resident.  This puts a focus on our health care program, training of our team members, and the overall culture or experience at Hills Crossing.

We also are excited to announce that Deb Krassas has been hired as the Executive Director at Hills Crossing.  Long time residents will remember Deb from her previous position as the administrator at Senior Class Care of Nisswa a few years back.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see a new website developed, a new logo, and a new Facebook page among other things.  You can already “like” their Facebook page at: 

Welcome Home Management operates eleven senior living communities in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Welcome Home employs 400+ employees throughout their communities.  To learn more about Welcome Home Management, visit them at

For more information on Hills Crossing, contact Deb Krassas at 218-961-5605.

One more date together!

Elsie (Janni) and Erwin Portner were married May 6, 1945 in Searles MN at St. John’s Catholic Church.

Erwin worked as a carpenter most of his life and Elsie was a homemaker as well as being employed by 3M Company of  New Ulm.

Both were very active in the community as well as their parish church.

They did not have children so their nieces and nephews have become especially important to them.  Both have been close with their living siblings as well.

After living an honest life together, the couple retired at Orchard Hill Assisted Living in New Ulm in 2010.  At Orchard Hill, the couple loved to play Bingo, Sheep head, 500, Dominoes, and enjoyed social gatherings and musical entertainment… (especially old time music).

As the couple aged to 96 and 91, the need for more nursing care for Erwin became evident and they recently moved to Oak Hills on May 1st where they will celebrate 70 years of marriage.

Orchard Hill Assisted Living has been involved in a program called “Dreams do come true” (along with other communities from Welcome Home Management Co.) and when asked what Erwins dream was one afternoon, he responded by saying, “I would like to take Elsie out on one last date…but I can’t do it…I have no way of taking her out.”


SAM_2236So, Community Life Coordinator, Cindee Schewe decided to take action.  She contacted Knight’s Luxury Limo service near Comfrey, MN to see if owner, Richard McMullen would be willing to transport the couple.  He said “yes”, and from there the dream began to develop.

Schewe then called the Kaiserhoff.  They also said “yes” to two meals compliments of the Kaiserhoff.  A to Zinnea Floral got wind of the story and offered flowers for the occasion, the Liquer Mart of New Ulm jumped on board with champagne for the elderly couple.  Schewe spoke with Kevin Sweeny from the New Ulm Journal and he agreed this was a story to be told.


The Limo bus holds 16 people so Schewe contacted family members to join Elsie and Erwin in the limo ride of their life.  The bus was filled in no time and Erwin’s dream of taking his wife out on a date will come true Wednesday, May 6th to celebrate a beautiful marriage of 70 years!…dreams really do come true!

An Amazing Day at Prairie View of Hector

Dreams.  We all have them.  Big or small, we all have them.

Think back to your earliest memory as a kid.  You had dreams then.  Maybe it was to be a firefighter.  Maybe it was to be a ballerina.  Maybe it was something small as having your own radio.

Dreams don’t end just because we grow up.  We still have dreams.  Our residents still have dreams.

Dreams for our kids, dreams for our grandkids, dreams for ourselves.  We are what we are.  A bunch of dreamers.  But what would it look like if we could make dreams come true?

To each of us, our dreams are very personal.  It’s part of what makes us who we are.

What has been amazing about this program is not just the dreams that we have helped make happen.  It has been the response from the community.  The overwhelming support to make these residents have that opportunity to realize their dream.

Today there are Random Acts of Kindness happening every day, and today, we have a chance to do just that for the residents here at Prairie View.

Each dream touches not only the resident, but it touches their families and friends.  It touches our team here at Prairie View, and just as important, it touches each one of you in this community.

PV Dreams-6457We were very happy that everyone had chosen to spend this gorgeous afternoon with us to support and celebrate dreams.  We would like to thank the many volunteers, organizations and businesses that have done so much to support this program, and have seen it all the way through to this moment  Without you, this would not be possible.  We have listed those at the bottom of this post.

Our event was really something special for each person.

PV Dreams-6469Eva’s dream was to simply have a Chicken Dinner again.  You know the kind.  With all the fixings.  The kind we used to see at holidays and family celebrations.  Well, Eva, that Dream is probably shared by many of us here, and on May 8th, you and all the residents of Prairie View will be served that traditional meal.

PV Dreams-6472Phyllis loves fresh produce.  She especially enjoyed her time going to Lundstrum’s to pick fresh produce over the many years.  Well, Lundstrum’s can appreciate that feeling.  They understand what a feeling it is to find just the right piece of produce.  During the upcoming Summer Months, Lundstrum’s would like to give you a basket of fresh produce every week.  Your granddaughter-in-law, Jennifer, has agreed to deliver your basket to you each week.

PV Dreams-6474How many of us can think of time that we enjoyed the simple act of going for a drive and having an ice cream cone along the way?  Well, that is Lorraine’s dream.  And on May 12th, she will be going on a drive, taking the scenic route, of course, and stopping by Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone.  Simply an enjoyable afternoon.

PV Dreams-6477Edna has dreamed of exploring Ramsey Park in Redwood Falls, and to have a picnic lunch in the park during the adventure.  Well, on May 29th, Edna’s dream will come true as she becomes an explorer for the day at Ramsey Park.  We’ll be sure to pack a picnic basket full of picnic favorites for your adventure.

PV Dreams-6484

PV Dreams-6490

PV Dreams-6487Phyllis and Doris have wished for a long time that they would be able to go with their sister to see a play at Chanhassen Dinner Theater.  We shared their wish with Chanhassen Dinner Theaters and they have so graciously donated the Director’s Table on May 6th for these lovely ladies to join their sister to see Mary Poppins.  They will also be served dessert and coffee while at the show.  Enjoy the show, ladies!

PV Dreams-6494Muriel used to enjoy the crab legs served at Jackpot Junction in Morton.  She even used to bring her own pliers to open them (she told us it was a needle nose pliers by the way). Well, her dream was to go back again to have that seafood dinner with crab legs.  Well, Jackpot would love in invite you down to visit for that Seafood dinner, and hope that they get to see you very soon.  We’ll begin planning your trip very soon!

PV Dreams-6498 PV Dreams-6499Next up were Lois and Marie.  These ladies had the simple wish to go back to Green Lake in Spicer for a trip around the lake.  And with this nice weather we are having today, how many of us would dream of being there, too.  Well, with the generosity of Mr. Keith Heikes of Factory Direct in Hutchinson, your dreams will come true.  Keith has volunteered make this dream come true.  The staff of Prairie View will work with these ladies and Keith to set-up their excursion date in the near future.

PV Dreams-6503For many years, Glenn has just wanted another day to be at home, on his farm, and enjoy a grill out with sweet corn.  Well, Glenn, your family is going to make this come true for you.  They will watch the weather, and wait for just the perfect moment, and they will bring you out to have a grill out with sweet corn.  It sounds delicious!

PV Dreams-6506PV Dreams-6507For those of you that may know Jerome, you know he is an avid Twins fan.  Probably knows every stat for every player currently on the field, and for teams’ past.  Well, this Twins hat has been donated to Jerome to wear.  And thanks to a generous contributor, Oak Grove Financial, he will attend a game!  On May 27th at 12:10pm, Jerome will be at Target Field watching the Twins play the Red Sox. Enjoy the game, Jerome! Go Twins!

PV Dreams-6512Marj’s dream is to update her entertainment center and television set.  Well, with much appreciation, we are pleased to announce that Circle and Lori Clasemann, Marj’s dream is coming true.  Circle is providing the new entertainment center and TV, and Lori will be bringing the new TV.

PV Dreams-6522PV Dreams-6521Elaine, her late husband, and several couples use to go to meetings, and dine together at Peter’s on Lake Ripley of Litchfield.  They usually had the ribs.  YUM!  Well, almost everyone in that group have passed, leaving only Elaine and one other remaining.  Elaine’s dream was to go with this special lady for an exceptional evening at Peter’s.  And with their generosity, they are giving you a gift certificate for you and your friend to join them on May 13th at 5pm for Ribs.  It sounds delightful!

PV Dreams-6528When we visited with George about his dream, we learned that he and his late wife use to frequent Athmann’s Restaurant in Bird Island.  Every Sunday, you could find them there for brunch.  George’s dream was to go back there with his entire family.  Well, we stand here today to share that this dream already came true.  On April 12th, George’s entire family arrived and took George out to brunch at Athmann’s.  The day was a wonderful moment for this family.  They even had a photographer to join, to capture this moment when all could be together.  Today, we present George a photobook, created by his family, of their day together.  We extend our appreciation to George’s family for making this dream a reality.

PV Dreams-6529When Don was asked what his dream was, he simply stated that he wanted a red barn with a green roof.  Well, the Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart Shop Students and their instructor, Stephanie Supa, wanted to make this dream come true for you.  We thank each one of you for making this dream come true through this amazing gift.

PV Dreams-6536PV Dreams-6540While raising her family, it was not uncommon for Lois to prepare Potato Pancakes for Michelle. In fact, it was one of her favorites, too.  She loved Potato Pancakes.  She also loved her dog, Buddy.  Lois’ dream was simple.  I want to have the food I love, and have a chance to see her dog that she loved.  Well, we are happy to announce that just today at Lunch, Lois got to enjoy Potato Pancakes. And we are very happy to share the spotlight with her dog, Buddy, as they have come to visit.

PV Dreams-6545Marion always enjoyed going to Hahn’s Fine Dining in Winthrop.  She dreamed that someday, she would be able to go back to Hahn’s, with her family.  Well, Hahn’s would love to see you again, too.  They extend their best wishes, and a gift certificate to you to join them in the near future.  They would love to see your family there, too.

Theresa’s dream was to have a Glamour Shots-type photo shoot.  Hair, Make-up, the whole shebang.  Well, Theresa, on May 16th due to the generous donations of Nancy Fosland from Totally You Salon of Hector and Justin Baysinger a photographer from Hutchinson, your dream photo shoot will become a reality.  You will begin your shoot with Nancy for Hair and Make-up at 8:30 and then travel to Hutchinson for your photo shoot.  We can’t wait to see the photos!!!

PV Dreams-6549Our next dream is one from a resident who is no longer with us.  Dorothy grew up in New Finland, and since they were so close to it, they were able to have a personal menu full of seafood.  They had a lot of it.  Living here, we don’t always see seafood options on our menus, at least not the kind that Dorothy had in mind.  Her dream was to share her love of seafood with the residents of Prairie View.  And on May 14th, the residents of Prairie View, along with Patti Jo and Bruce, will be enjoying a Lobster and Prime Rib dinner in celebration of Dorothy and her dream.

PV Dreams-6555PV Dreams-6558This crew’s dream was to travel to visit Canterbury Park.  Well, that dream is about to come true.  We are finalizing the day now, but soon, each of you will be heading to Canterbury for a wonderful afternoon adventure.  We would like to take thank Curt Sampson and Canterbury Park for making it possible for us to make this dream come true.

We have so much to be thankful for, here at Prairie View, and we would like to extend our most gracious thanks to those that made this day such a successful event.  For those that contributed, or are contributing to the fulfillment of these dreams, we want you to know that your generosity is greatly appreciated.  To our residents, their families, their friends, and to this community – your ongoing support of Prairie View cannot be forgotten.  You help us make this place such a great community for our residents, and we are so grateful.  And finally, we thank the staff working at Prairie View, and would ask that you join me in a round of applause for everything they do, every day to make our residents’ dreams come true.  We are so very fortunate for all of you.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to one of our staff that showed such strong vigor for making today possible.  Through many phone calls and visits, she has kept track of every detail.  She has helped make this day a success.  I ask that you join me in a round of applause for Dana, our Community Life Coordinator.PV Dreams-6566 PV Dreams-6567For you, for me, for all of us – dreams are incredibly important.

As you can see from the images above, today was an emotional day for the residents, their families, our team members, and for the community of Hector.  To see businesses close their doors so they could make today’s event, tells you the level at which people care for each other in this wonderful community and how important this was to each of them.

This program was made possible with the contributions of the following people and businesses.

  • Martin Bros Distributing
  • Chanhassen Dinner Theatre
  • Keith Heikes & Furniture Direct – Hutchinson
  • Oak Grove Financial
  • Prairie View of Hector Culinary Department
  • Circle & Lori Clasemann
  • Curt Sampson & Canterbury Park
  • Peter’s on Lake Ripley
  • Justin Baysinger Photography – Hutchinson, MN
  • Chuck Blum, KOLV
  • Hahn’s Fine Dining of Winthrop
  • Athmann’s Restaurant
  • Lundstrum’s Produce
  • BLHS Shop Students
  • Stephanie Suppa
  • Totally U Salon
  • City of Hector
  • American Bar & Grill
  • Babe’s Blossom’s
  • St. Andrew’s Catholic Church – Fairfax
  • Flower’s by Jerry
  • Hubin Publishing
  • Prairie View of Hector staff

Welcome Home Management has helped facilitate this award winning program for the past 10 years in several of their communities and we are very proud of our team members at Prairie View of Hector for all of their hard work pulling today’s event together.

Bill Hudson from WCCO-TV even came out to do a story on our program.  You can view the story on their website by clicking here.

If you would like more information on Prairie View of Hector, please visit us on our website at:

Welcome Home Management is based in Hutchinson, Minnesota and manages eleven senior living properties in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Roman Bloemke, Director of Operations

When Dreams Come True….


We all have them.

Big or small, we all have them.

Think back to your earliest memory as a kid.

You hadAssisted Living Week 037 dreams.  Maybe it was to be a firefighter.  Maybe it was to be a ballerina.  Maybe it was something small as having your own radio so you could listen to a ballgame, or catch up on the Top 40 music charts.

Think about today, we still have dreams.

Dreams for our kids, dreams for our grandkids, dreams for ourselves.  We are what we are.  A bunch of dreamers.  But what would it look like if we could make dreams come true?

To each of us, our dreams are very personal.  It’s part of what makes us who we are.

10 years ago, Welcome Home Management set out to help make dreams come true.  It started with something that we thought was really urgent.

A resident of ours approached us and expressed a desire to see her sister who was in poor health, in another state, one – last – time.  Through a lot of brainstorming with our community life coordinators, we hatched a plan to get the resident to see her sister one last time. It was a lot of work, but you know what?  It was totally worth it.  From that moment, we realized that helping people realize their dream was not only important – it was the right thing to do.

What has been amazing about this program is not just the dreams that we’ve helped make happen, it has been the response from each community as well.

293533_10150310011064361_89381259360_7452659_1488573048_nIt is always amazing to see the incredible response from the community, and this has been no different.

Today there are random acts of kindness happening every day, and today, we have a chance to do just that for the residents here at Prairie View.

People from all over have heard about this program and wanted to find a way to “do the right thing”.  To get involved to help another person fulfill a dream that they have.  To me, that is what makes this program so unique and special.

To date, we have helped see over 150 dreams come true. Some were big, some were small, but to us, each one, was incredibly important.

Each dream touches not only the resident, but it touches their families.  It touches our team here at Prairie View, and just as important, it touches each one of you in this community.

I want to say a special thank you to the team at Prairie View of Hector for seeing our program and realizing that it was something special that they could do for people who they already consider part of their family.  I also want to thank those that helped pull today’s event together. And finally to the donors who are donating their time, their talents, or their ability with our residents.  We simply could not have pulled today’s event off without each and every one of you.

Thank you for being part of our special day here at Prairie View.  Your presence and help in making these dreams come true will be remembered forever.

Roman Bloemke, Director of Operations, Welcome Home Management Company